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Artic Adventure by Lewis & Irene

Catch hold of the shooting star, grip tightly to its tail. Fly over sea’s wide and vast, stay on the true North trail.

Don’t stumble over mountain peaks, or get misguided by the moon. Don’t get confused by the smaller stars; blindly sparkling and strewn.

Fix your eyes upon the brightest star, the beacon of the night, Until you reach the land of ice, filled with wonders to delight.

A place where magic lights glitter, and frost glistens on the air. Colours dance across the sky, shifting beams rippling beyond compare.

Fly past the snowy owl, in graceful flight so swift. Soaring over wild lands, as animals move below in the drift.

Hiding under mounds of snow, see the snow hares play. Teasing arctic foxes, then skipping nimbly away.

In frosted sprigs the white bear sits, worshipping light and star. Watching as they twinkle, so vast and very far.

Let the gentle wind take you, beyond the frozen sea. Where seals leap from sight, and narwhals splash around in glee.

Here is the true north, a land of myth and ice. You journeyed here on star dust, to the dreamers paradise.

Artic Adventure by Lewis & Irene

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